A Message from Imam W. Deen Mohammed

March 16, 2015

The following Address was given by Imam W. D. Mohammed at the TILMW. Inc. Conference 2005 hosted by New England chapter in Springfield, Mass.

a-message-from-iwdm“Thank you, Sister Sahirah,International President of this great women’s international organization. we are very proud of them. they dignify all of us with their service to humanity, especially to the women who need their services, who need their help, and we know when you help the woman, you help many.”

“In the beginning of the NOI, under the late leader, who has passed, may g’d give him peace in paradise, for the years up to, beginning around 1931, we have the record saying that the teacher from overseas came and begin teaching in Detroit, MI, where the first Temple was established and by the way, the first chapter of this great international women’s organization, was started in Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, a place known for making automobiles, cars. ”

“If you met a member of the noi and you told them you were a member they automatically accepted you as their brother or sister and you could feel the love, you could just feel the love.That is what was strong among us. We had love for one another. We lost that during the change.We stopped thinking about G’d so much and started thinking about ourselves and getting money and black power and all of that.We lost the genuine love that we had for each other, but over the recent years at least in the last 10 years, I see that love growing again, just growing again and tilmw. you all are really a great haven of love for one another that we feel and you’re helping us to grow that love back. You’re helping the community to grow that love back that we lost.. we’re getting it back. ”

“We have to understand too, that we need special efforts, like The International League of Muslim Women, special efforts, special organized efforts, we need that very much. People should look for those of similar minds when you want to do things. When you have a need that is not being fulfilled, its’s strong in you, when you want to do something about the situation, look for those who have your kind of thinking. Look for those in whose mind is that same fire burning, burning fire for something special and then you group with those of like minds to group together and you will have your leader. When people come together, the leader manifests, the best to be qualified become known. This is how we want to multiply productive work, we want it to multiply. Let’s not stop with The International League of Muslim Women, let us say I’m not going to wait for IWDM to say shazam! to create this. He’s not superstitious to believe in that kind of magic, I’m going to do something about it like these women did, like Sister Sahirah Muhammad did. We thank Allah for her and all of these great sisters.”